Lindsey Wilbur

Lindsey Wilbur is a kama’aina, a student of Political Science at the University of Hawai’i, and an affiliate researcher at the Center for Futures Studies and the Institute for the Future. Her research focus includes neuroscience, public health policy, governance design, art for community development, facilitation of strategic planning and scenario visioning, and Pacific Island studies. She’s worked on projects with the Governance Lab, the National Geographic, the UN Foundation, the East-West Center, BoxJelly Coworking, Center for Pacific Island Studies, POW! WOW! Art and Music Festival, and 808 Urban.

A few years ago, her father was diagnosed with dementia from repetitive brain injuries sustained while working as a professional athlete for the NFL. As a student of Political Science and Futures Studies, she focused on this challenged as an inspiration to dive deeper into neuroscience as well as labor law and public health policy.

To address the need for awareness of brain injuries in sports in our Hawai’i community, she launched an annual conference, the Neuro-Huddle. In 2015, supported by the University of Hawai’i, the conference was hosted by the Department of Kinesiology. This year Queen’s Medical Center was a generous sponsor. Convening physical trainers, parents, teachers, coaches, neurologists, administrators and athletes, the conference caters to both medical specialists and general community awareness. Transitioning to academia to continue this research, she is focusing on brain injury awareness of public school physical education teachers statewide.

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